Why We Love the Best Romantic Movies

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best romance movies to watch

Is there anything better than a great romantic movie? Sometimes when we're feeling down there's nothing better than being able to plop down on the couch and enjoy a classic film that depicts a timeless romance. Or even when things are going well in our life, there are certain romantic movies that people can watch over and over again no matter what else they're doing. There's something intangible about a romantic film that actually makes us feel emotions even though we're doing nothing more than sitting down. It is a great way to spend a couple of hours and connect with countless other people who have shared in the experience of watching the same movie.
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There is clearly no magic formula for creating a great romantic movie that will stand the test of time. If there was, then Hollywood would be sure to make every movie that came out of their studio an instant classic. But since we have our fair share of duds every year, and the fact there are far more bad movies than good ones, it can be said for certain that it's a bit of a mystery sometimes how to produce a great love classic.

There is one element that seems to stand universal among the best romantic movies of all time, and that is strong characters. We need to have characters that we can relate to and they are usually flawed in some way because people are not perfect in the real world either. Great characters allow us to put ourselves in their shoes so we know exactly how they're feeling. In good times and bad times we can feel exactly what these characters experience and we come to love them as well. The next key elements is a great story that propels the characters through a real human experience. Even though we see a similar story arcs in classic movies there has to be something unique about each one for it to stand out. When all of the magic comes together then we have ourselves a great movie event that has people coming back time and time again.

The best thing about these movies is they remind us of the true experience of love and how magical it can be. Even though they tend to romanticize things, there has to be an element of truth in them or else people would not be able to relate. They are a great form of escape that allows us to connect with real love at the same time.